To bring wellness and mental strength through home, business, and personal organization & design.

Serving the twin ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Minimialism is…

unsubscribing from the idea that how much you own equates to your level of happiness.

Minimalism has become a popular movement in not only design, but also in how to live life. Minimalist interior design aims to remove unnecessary details from a space by opting for simple, clean lines. Living with minimal distractions allows for one to pursue the things they actually love. A minimalist interior creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere.


Whether you are preparing your home for sale, organizing or packing for a move, or just wanting to love your space again, we can help!

Home Staging

Selling your home?  Staying where you are but want to give it a refresh for a special event or holiday?  Having your home professionally staged has multiple benefits! It creates an inviting space that benefits you, your guests, and - if you're selling - potential buyers. Homes that are staged for real estate consistently bring in multiple offers, stay on the market for shorter periods, and result in higher sales prices.

A little investment in staging your home yields a significant return - financially in a sale, or in your own health and well-being! Let Boyum by Design showcase your home and turn it into an idyllic center of peace and wellness.


Organizing & Design Sessions

Time to bring some order to the chaos but don't know where to start? Our organizational mentoring sessions will give you the tools you need to create and maintain organizational systems throughout your home and office. In addition, if you are moving, we will pack it up at the same time!


Moving & Relocation

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. With our full-service moving package, you don't have to worry about a thing! We will assess your current and new home to develop a design plan, coordinate the move, and be on site on moving day to ensure everything is put in place. You just relax and enjoy your new home!


What to Expect


Don't stress! Let Boyum by Design help you achieve the healthy, thriving environment you deserve.



All client information is maintained with confidentiality.



We value your trust and treat you and your personal property with care and respect.


Your investment is protected, because we are, too!



Our lead designer has over 15 years experience in design, real estate, and customer service. 



Simplify the process by letting us handle it. We offer many services and can customize a package for you.



Boyum by Design will deliver beyond what is expected!

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I am always re-arranging and re-designing because I elevate my home depending on the needs of the people within it. I LOVE decorating for the holidays........ Not everyone in my house enjoys the upcoming spooky Halloween. Embracing minimalism with Holiday decor is essential for all to thrive. Too much is clearly overpowering, so here are a few examples of what I mean. The first collage of images is from my own home. You can check me out today at 4pm on WDIO The Lift with Renee Passal for more great tips!


I am getting inspired! I know I know it's early but truly truly I tell you, it is not! #dressupyourtable #elevateyourenvironmentwithboyumbydesign #embracetheholiday #loveyourspace


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