What is a healthy, thriving environment?


Damp houses provide a nurturing environment for mites, roaches, rodents and mold; all of which are associated with asthma.


Keeping environments clean and pest-free improves health and is shown to promote calmness and a sense of control over your daily life.


Organizational systems save you time and money. They improve efficiency and provide quality control.


Increasing fresh air supply is not only beneficial for your respiratory system, it also increases productivity.


Safety, both physically and mentally, is crucial to a thriving environment.


Automating healthy repetitive tasks will reduce major maintenance issues. Maintaining is sustaining!

A dramatic reorganization of an environment causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. When you put your environment in order, you bring to life the objects you surround yourself with. You have the power to create an environment surrounded only by the things you love.

Using Color and Minimalist Design

Bring Life to Space with Color

We bring life to the space with color. We discuss the psychological effects of colors, color combinations, and conclude with which colors should be used in which rooms. Your color choices can completely change the ambiance of your living spaces.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism has become a popular movement in not only design, but also in how to live life. Minimalist interior design aims to remove unnecessary details from a space by opting for simple, clean lines. Living with minimal distractions allows for one to pursue the things they actually love. A minimalist interior creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Digital Distractions - TV

Digital Distractions

Digital distractions are the MOST DISRUPTIVE ENERGIES, made specifically to distract you. The proper placement of these objects is crucial to a thriving environment, as it creates healthy boundaries.


We downgrade digital distractions from the home by eliminating them from specific rooms, and blending what needs to stay within your decor.

Organizing Your Essentials

Organizing your essentials is not a race, because there is no finish line.  A thriving environment is in constant evolvement, which alters your essentials. Boyum By Design focuses on the Three D’s method to guide you through this process.

Organized shelves
Organized kitchen jars
Organized drawer

The Three D's


Does this object serve me?

If Yes… is it damaged?
If Yes… will we repair it?
If Yes… make time to repair it, and make space for it.


Objects that no longer serve you, but could be of use to someone else.


Objects that no longer serve you, or can no longer serve anyone else.

Embrace Sustainability

Global warming is a real threat to humanity, but it feels like a distant danger, and figuring out what actually helps can be confusing. We can’t let the complexities stop us from sustainable living. Sustainable living leads to more thoughtful decision making, which is at the core of living minimally. This is where we embrace quality over quantity.

When you start to remove unnecessary objects from your life, you will regain mental strength to make intentional daily choices; choices that will ultimately change the way we co-exist with the natural world.

How to Sustain Your Movement

Automating healthy repetitive tasks, through time management is crucial to a thriving environment. These are things we must do on a recurring basis which will include cleaning and organizing. Following the guidance of a professional will open up a thriving environment that is possible to maintain and sustain. This looks different for everyone, and Boyum By Design will meet you where you are to succeed and sustain.